Glacier Lake burst in Nepal result 26 dead and counting

 Pokhara  May 9, 2012:  The Glacier Lake  burst in the high Himalayan region in northwestern Nepal Pokhara  on Saturday, May 5, 2012 has resulted in 26 dead where still 43 people are missing including three foreign trekkers. The lake waters that flooded the Seti River on Saturday resulted the catastrophic flooding in the remote Kaski district. The flood swept away parts of Sardikhola village. 

High rescue operation has been going on in the region by security forces but still the death is expected to rise in the coming days.

Due to climate changes and lack of adaptation strategy, Nepal was thought of being in the high risk zone of the glacier burst but this is the biggest and largest of its kind.

The government had already announced an immediate compensation of Nrs 100,000 rupees for the families whose people have been killed and an immediate relief Nrs 25,000 for the shelter.