Government of India needs to make issues clear to the state of Pakistan: Panun Kashmir

 Jammu,, July 16 (Scoop News) – Panun Kashmir expresses its serious concern over the statements emanating from Islamabad about the Indian concerns. The statements particularly of the Foreign Minister of Pakistan regarding Indian interests, Indian foreign minister, Indian position on issues relating to terrorism and the so-called Indo-Pak talks are simply outrageous.


In a meeting held today in Jammu, Panun Kashmir leaders expressed concern over the silence of Indian foreign Minister on many issues including the issue relating to the Indian Home Secretary’s statement regarding 26/11. They said it is shocking.

The leaders  said the state of Pakistan has used these talks to bring itself at par with India . The fact of the matter is that Pakistan is directly responsible for cross-border terrorism and India is a victim nation of the cross border terrorism. The collapse of talks vindicates the stand of PANUN KASHMIR that India has nothing to gain from the State of Pakistan in the dialogue process. It is an exercise in futility till Pakistan stops its soil being used for terrorism against India and also keeps its hands off Kashmir.


    They make an appeal to the State of India including the government of India to respect the sentiments and aspirations of the people of the nation and immediately call off the dialogue process with Pakistan. There is no need for the government to engage with Pakistan at any level as it ( Pakistan ) is a failed and disintegrating state.

Leaders said, the present strife in the valley of Kashmir is to provide Pakistan with some ‘degree of leverage’ against Indian State. While the talks were being held in Islamabad, the Pakistan Rangers were busy in causing causalities on the border in the Jammu and Kashmir state. The Indian security forces were involved in combating terrorists from across the border.


           They said that the post dialogue statements from the Pakistan Foreign Minister are nothing short of a taunt against India and the government of India needs to make issues clear to the state of Pakistan. Kashmir is an integral part of India and its internal affairs cannot be made a topic of discussion between India and Pakistan. Pakistan has no locus standi to raise these issues. There is an attempt to force the state of India to concede to the demands aimed at diluting of Indian sovereignty in Kashmir. This cannot be allowed under any circumstances.  The government of India has been, unfortunately, adopting a soft state approach in this regard and the nation has been made to suffer on account of its failures on diplomatic and political front. The Indian stand that terror and talks cannot go together needs to be implemented in letter and spirit.