Hamsafar Welfare Society arranged maintenance of road on self help basis

Hamsafar Welfare Society kick maintenance  campaign of KM road on self help basis. 

CHITRAL: Hamsafar Welfare Society Krui Junali Booni (HWS) launched  campaign to repair 4 kilometers long hospital road on self help basis. In this campaign besides members, workers, of the society, students, senior citizens and women folk also participated in this welfare campaign on volunteer basis. Talking to local journalists Hazar Mohammad general secretary of HWS said that this 4 kilometers road linking to Aga Khan hospital was in a very dilapidated condition as well as students and especially female students also passing through this road to schools and college. The Road having big ditches in its middle and a water nullah (stream) also passing through this road having no bridge or culvert. During the winter season water of this stream freeze at morning time  and causing for people slippery, injuries. Shamsur Rehman former Tehsil Nazim of Mastuj told that due to dilapidated condition of this road taxi drivers charging rupees 400 to 500 to hospital in case of emergency while the distance is only 4 kilometers. A student of 10th class Miss Aneela said that girls students facing numerous problems and there is no transport facility we go to school by feet and it take 1 hours because water coming from drainage in the middle of road freezing and we sometime slip and fell down. Nazim Union council Charoon Ameerullah while talking to this scribe highly appreciated this beneficial campaign of HWS. He said that actually this is responsibility of elected representatives including me but we badly failed to repair this road as a result thousands of people were facing great problems while traveling on this road and that is why that HWS kicked the campaign for maintenance of the road on self help basis.  He said that this is question marks for our leaders.

A lady councilor of Tehsil Council also participated in this campaign who prepared lunch for participants of the campaign and washed pots. She said that women folk also should to come forward and participate in such welfare activities shoulder by shoulder with men for development of the nation and country because no development is possible without women participation. Students of primary and middle classes were enthusiastically cleaning drainage and putting concrete on the road. Hamsafar Welfare Society Booni has been actively involved in rendering its services to the community of Krui Junali specially and to the broader community in general since its establishment in 1988. Similarly in continuation of its achievement in social sector the society recently performed the repair work of some 4 kilometers long Aga Khan hospital road Booni starting from Booni square to hospital on self help basis.

This activity aimed to improve the worst condition of the road in order to make its surface smooth and level for general traffic especially for the convenient of the patients visiting this hospital for getting treatment or coming here in case of any emergency. The renovation of road included the filling of ditches and holes with gravel and soil, repair of canals and water channels and repair of cut and damaged parts of the road. Apart from the society members a large number of  community members also participated in this tough campaign and put their shares in earning well wishes of masses. It is merit to mention here that it is a neglected road because since its construction in 1988 it has not been repaired after that. President HSW Haji Noor Muhammad was leading and supervising the campaign along with his cabinet and other volunteers. Hamsafar has over achieved its objectives so far however one of its wonderful achievement is the successful completion of  of some 8 KM long pipeline project launched by the partnership of the society and BASIP. Social and political circle of the area highly hailed meritorious services of HSW Booni who play role model to motivate other people for participating in such social activities on self help basis.
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