Holy God’s Church

"Upon This Rock, I Will Build My Church."

Jesus Christ is the "Foundation Rock" the "Base" upon which Christianity is founded and built. "You are Peter" was merely an exclamation of fact. Jesus names Simon, Peter, that’s all it is.

The word Christianity is a term attached to any such person who willingly chooses to follow the teachings of Holy God taught by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and to follow in Jesus footsteps loving and sharing together as we live out our lives.

To be or to become a "Christian" means nothing more and nothing less than just that, by belief and thru faith to accept and live by the teachings of the Son of God a man called Jesus the "Christ" from whence the tag Christian or christianity comes from, follower of Christ Jesus.

Thee most important time of the Church’s year is yet many months down the road from now a period that most people refer to as Easter, the time when Christ Jesus is crucified by man, namely his own people, and then by God three days later Resurrected.

And yes the word "Easter" is scripturally correct it can be found in the Holy Bible at: ACTS: 12: 4. KJV.

I know there are many pastors who hesitate using the word Easter because they think it to be non-scriptural, but that just ain’t so, and I supply the scripture for proof.

ACTS: 12: 4; "And when he had aprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quarternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after ‘Easter’, to bring him forth to the people."

Early this morning my sleep was interrupted by two very important visitors who needed to speak with me both having a very important message that they desired conveyed to anyone who would listen.

These two visitors were My Holy Father God, and Christ Jesus. They had taken time out of their busy schedules to speak with me on a matter of extreme importance. The message, the truth, that they desired conveyed is simply this:


Thus says the Lord Our God.

Christianity is not Catholic, or, Protestant, it is not Anglican, or Lutheran, it is not Baptist, or,Presbyterian, or any of the other religious denominations, which people partake in or belong to.

Christianity is rather a "Lifestyle" a way of living one’s life in accordance with God’s Holy Commandments and through the teachings of love as taught by God, and by Jesus.

My Father God got Christianity started back in the time after the great flood during the time of Moses referring to the Hebrews as His children His people and for several thousands of years the Hebrews the Jews were God’s chosen ones. He taught them and raised them up fed them, punished them the same as any good but strict, dad does.

During the time from Moses until Jesus appeared on the scene, God taught and governed the people with his laws, his rules, and only the Hebrews, the Jews were seen as the chosen of God.

Once Jesus Christ appeared on the scene, and began doing miracles and teaching, Jesus disolves the idea that only the Hebrews were to be the chosen of God, instead all mankind regardless of nationality or anything else was permitted to become in the eyes of God, one of His children.

Christianity begins when any person chooses to learn about God, and to serve God, by doing God’s Will.

As we learn more and more about God and His expectations for us we also begin learning about "Salvation".

This is something that we need and require so that our relationship with Almighty God Our Father can become more and more personal and intimate. Why?

Because we are sinners, we sin daily and God detests sin and does not wish to be anywhere near it, or look upon it.

My Father reminded me. Remember when Jesus was hanging there on the cross and he cried out to me asking: "My God My God, Why have you forsaken me?" ( MATT: 27:46 and MK:15:34 )

It is because I had turned my back to My Son, I could not look upon Him being tortured and covered with the sins of man. I could not bear to see this happening to my beloved Son, even though I had asked him to do this.

They went on to say: Tell the people that for them to achieve salvation and to be able to begin a close and personal intimate relationship with Me as their Father, and Jesus as their brother, all they have to do is to from their hearts, thru belief and faith, ask Jesus for forgiveness, and declare by faith their belief that Jesus crucifixion absolves them from their sins. This and this alone will justify them. This alone will sanctify them believing that the shed blood of my beloved son Jesus will cleanse away their sins.

Jesus went on to say, remind the people: Good deeds will not gain them their salvation, but Good deeds will earn them heavenly rewards. Jesus said: "Teach my brothers and sisters telling them again and again that the first two of Our Father God’s commandments to: Love God with all you mind, all your being and all your soul and strength, and to love one another those commandments will help them to easily fulfill the others. It is impossible to break the other of the "Ten Commandments" Our Father gave to Moses if you obey the first two all the time.