How Do You Pray?

When you begin to pray, what frame of mind are you in?

Are you angry, because some incident in your life has caused you what you believe to be unwarranted grief? Are you feeling persecuted by other, rightly or wrongly, and want God to step up on your behalf? Are you upset because things didn’t go your way? Maybe you were driving along, not paying attention to your driving, chatting on your cell, or, fixing your makeup, or, being distracted by the children in the back seat and you got a speeding ticket for the 100th time and are about to lose your licence? Maybe you had an accident, where someone was injured but you didn’t stop, so you need God to fix it by hiding it so ou don’t get found out?

Are you frustrated because God has answered your prayer but not in the fashion that you desired it to be answered, or in the time frame you thought it should be? Maybe God’s answer was "NO" Not at this time, or, not in this way, and of course you wish to disagree, and try and change His mind. Maybe you have prayed and prayed over something important, and still God has not answered your prayer to your satisfaction.

What you are praying about is just as important as how you pray about it.

As a student, are you praying for straight "A’s" without doing the necessary studying?

Are you wanting that promotion at work, regardless of whether you warrant it, or who you may have to step over to get it?

Has maybe someone hurt you or offended you, and you’re asking God to punish them, maybe to cause them to fall injuring themselves, or, causing them such grief, that they might never recover from it?

Is what you are praying for, something that God should and would answer "Yes" to? Is it scripturally approved?

Have you given any consideration as to how having your prayer answered, might or might not effect others, and if it does, what might be the consequences?

When you pray does it matter whether you are sitting or standing, or on your knees. When Jesus taught the Lord’s Prayer to the people He stood, yet when His prayer was deep and solemn, like in the Garden befor being taken to be crucified he knelt. The answer to this question though, is it doesn’t really matter, although out of respect and reverance to my God I will kneel. He deserves it.

Many will say that it is wrong as mere finite humans to question an omnipotetent, omniscient God, about his requests or His decisions, but if you do not question God, how are you to learn and understand His Ways?

Have you ever gone for a drive, or to a prayer meeting, or for a walk in the park and invited God to join you, and had a simple conversation with Him about the beauty of the day, or the beauty of the scenery as you drive and simply thank Him.

When in a prayer meeting have you ever really sensed His awesome presence, and known that He is amongst you praying too?

Have you ever exclaimed in marvel at the flowers or wild animals in the park as you walk, and maybe have Him show you something you have neglected to see, even though you’d passed it a thousand times before?

Have you ever gone to bed after a choir practice but you can’t sleep because the music is still playing over and over in your mind, like you can’t turn it off?

God hears all our prayers. God answers all our prayers. Sometimes if our prayers are for the wrong reasons or we haven’t asked in a proper way God’s answer is not how we want or like it to be, and sometimes His answer has to be "NO". God answers prayer and answers them in His perfect timing and in His perfect way, so that we will end up with His very best answers and solutions.

Do not pray out of anger or malice, or greed, or lust, or covetousness. Always pray from your heart taking into consideration how it might effect you as well as others. "What you sow, so shall ye reap." Do not pray for forgiveness, if you have failed to forgive. God will not and cannot go against Himself in order to grant us wrongful prayers.

In summary, God hears and answers all prayer, but your prayer must be inline with God as He will not do that which is not according to His will and His will is in harmony with everything.