How to promote your blog?

Every one is blogging these days but few blogs make their way to the top lists. It is not only a hobby to write blog, it is a money making business and it has become quite popular.


In fact, blogging has provided every one a very good opportunity to express their insight, write about personal life, social activities and comment on their favorite subjects.


The important thing every blogger need to know is how to write a good blog and how to develop it to the extent that people notice it. Without peoples’ interest, you will write a blog, but you will not make any difference. And to make a difference is a great achievement in this world.


The following are some general but important tips which will help novice bloggers to improve their blogs if followed properly.


Read first


You need not to have a formal education or course to be blogger. But it is useful to read some good blogs first. After you know the style (make your own style then), you need to know the basic codes and icons that are used in the blogging. Every blog providing network has its own guidelines and uses and you should carefully read them.


If you don’t understand anyone of them, copy the word and search on, it will provide you some information about it. If it is still not understandable, email a blogger friend and ask about it.


Some things are general and have the same use on any network. Like how to insert a photo, URL, quotations etc. These things make the blog more effective.


Done! Now it is important to manage your blog carefully. Add categories on the subjects you write about. And add as much tags as you can. Tags help to catch those who search for similar content on the web.


Post authentic content


Content is what a blog lives on. Post only those things you know personally and never copy content from other blogs or sites. If you write some information, be specific and if you get the information from other sites or blogs, give a reference and provide links. If you don’t have a link, avoid the information and write something different.


If it is a writing blog, write short, be personal and specific. Every one is busy. No one will read lengthy posts or fable stories. When writing on general topics, write lightly and include humor. If you write or comment on politics, write your own opinion and openly convey what you think.


When it comes to content, I have some experience. I have written four English and two Pashto blogs. So it is important to be mentioned here that informative, well-written and specific subjects attract more readers and also easily searchable on the Internet.


Add to social networks and forums


Social networks like Digg, Facebook, Reddit, Delicious and others promote your content and send you more traffic. Millions of people visit these networks every day in search of new and interesting content.


To add your blog, site or posts to a social network, first you need to be member of it. For example, go to, sign up, activate your account and then post your blog entry. Only link and a brief description are required.


There are hundreds of discussion forums on the net. Some of them have members in thousands who discuss a lot of things. To post the link of your blog entry there helps you to increase your blog readers.


Remember that add only those entries to social networks and forums you are satisfied with. Never add those one-line stupid kind entries that some idle people post to spoil others time.