Hutaree Group Christian? It Would Appear Not

Much has been published in the last few days on the mainstream media regarding the purportedly "Christian" militia group, Hutaree, which was planning an anti-government attack on some Michigan police officers in order to facilitate a "revolution" in this country in the name of Christ.

As a Christian myself, I would hasten to disagree that this group is either Christian,  or acting in the name of Christ.

Christ was, after all, nonviolent with the exception of his attack on the moneylenders in the Jewish Temple who were desecrating the Temple grounds with their greed and avarice on holy days, especially.  His attack came this very week in the Christian calendar, and led, of course, in part to his eventual cruxifiction.

He was attacking the unGodly principles of those within his own faith who were abusing the masses for their own profit most of all in overcharging also on currency conversions for the required tithing sums toward support of the Temple and the Temple priests. 

Roman coins had been deemed unacceptable by the Sanhedrin, and thus had to be converted to acceptable currency prior to making those donations from those whose other property sacrifices (such as crops or animal sacrifices) did not meet Jewish law in this respect during Passover.

It is also interesting that these arrests and this story came at a time, once again, when the general citizenry have become increasingly outraged with the goings on in Washington, particularly over the latest unconstitutional taxation on the masses, the Health Care Deform bill which was purportedly signed into law by Mr. Obama, along with other unrelated legislation included in that massive bill.

Most Americans are quite aware that fining the public for not purchasing one of the financial industries products, health care insurance, does smack of tyranny and also clearly a "taking" of the public’s property without "due process" of law. 

The market was speaking, and the costs of those policies and terms were not affordable or within the reach of many of the boomer generation especially due to the high profit margins those financial sector insurers require in order to feed their stockholders, and also their executives and lobbyists. 

Regulation was what was called for here of those global and national insurers of their products and rate increase models and structures, and some protection of those stockholders also in the compensation packages for those executives which also impacted their investment in some of those companies.  And regulation of just what additional financial products or the degree of risks those insurers could spend those public monies and premiums on. 

None of those Constitutional focuses were included, or any protection of the public over the costs and annual adjustments on those premiums and the impact which those insurers have over their very lives in fulfilling the terms of those policies when sick, ill or injured was in any cohesive manner whatsoever even addressed.

A law in and of itself which is clearly questionably law at all since, of course, none of those now serving on the Hill were in any way duly elected,  due also to extra-Constitutional campaign finance laws which they passed for their own benefit affording outside of district funding,  and then reinforced recently also by the rogue Supreme Court in corporate special interest financing - which is against the very fabric of a representative government as the founders created to begin with for district representation.

Affording outside "foreign" interests then to taint then the voices of their true constituency, and giving then special interests, corporately or otherwise, domiciled or living outside legislative districts an unequal voice in both the election process, and legislation progressively. 

In other words, those that have the bucks are now calling the shots, as was apparent also from Mr. Obama’s consultation with the "stakeholders" for this most recent travesty.

And why this group’s site was a .com site if it was a politically focused organization and not a .org site is also beyond me.  It appears the site was created in 2006, and then lapsed for a time, and was renewed once again then in 2009.

I have many questions about this purported planned "attack" also, since it does seem to me clearly that politically those in high places have a vested interest in publicizing for the masses stories such as these (although the charges actually can only be those of  "intent" since no true "crime" was carried out or committed), since that bogus Homegrown Terrorist Act  was passed by the House of Misrepresentatives back in 2006 (which has not, to my knowledge, even been passed by the Senate, and thus does not even have the force of law fundamentally to begin with).

Seems there could be some self-interest of the government going on here in highly publicizing these purported "crimes of intent" at this point, don’t you think?

Now placing the local police and police forces on higher alert  just perhaps may be the ultimate aim here, in facilitating a divisive citizenry for their own self-protection post this most recent legislation, or in order to once again justify some of the recent heinous legislation which continues to violate those "unalienable" rights those founders were attempting to protect from such violative acts as this past week once again.

And it would appear that those moneylenders of old, just may be recycling their selfish and unbiblical view of "the law" in reinstituting usury upon the masses in this country again for those bankers and moneylenders profits, which have no Godly precept to begin with.

The charging of usury is forbidden in all religions, however, the interpretation differs and therein lies the rub.

Christians and Muslims believe it is prohibited to charge usury to anyone, whereas the Jewish faith believes it is a directive that only applies to other Jews. 

Hence, that was why the Roman senate and leadership, those greedy patricians, put the Jews in charge of moneylending to begin with, however, their practices then spilled over onto their own breathren which was what is what precipitated Christ’s attack then on the Temple grounds.

The Jewish moneylenders were charging usury against other Jews and not simply the Romans populace, against God’s precepts to his people.

And insofar as I have been able to research, those beliefs still remain which was why the British government way back when and the Church of England put the Jewish immigrants to that country in charge of lending, transferring its historic authority prior to the Middle Ages over moneylending once again then back to the Jews.

And usury is any sum over the tithing rate of 10% with respect to banking and moneylending, or taxation.

It is the government and banks continuing in the practice of usury that is actually bankrupting now this country and its citizenry across the board.  State and federal taxes now are over 50% of most Americans tax home pay, and then on what they use their wages then to buy with the state and federal taxes levied combined on purchases also.

Americans are buying less, because they can’t afford to buy since Big Daddy and their state governments have now become so greedy, and the bankers which are even holding those sums for future purchases with their fees and costs factored in just to have a bank account or use that little piece of plastic anymore.

Or to buy a home with all those up front junk fees and costs, and escalating terms – nothing more than usury again.

And the name for this group is more similar to "Hatari," that 1960′s John Wayne movie, or "Atari" the video game company, than having any Aramaic or Christian basis, it appears.

I wonder if this is another job stimulus for the civil rights lawyers, in criminalizing intent now, since they are being represented by public defenders and a civil rights defense would be most likely the basis of the defense, and thus the state public defenders office eligible for federal monies for their local coffers for this case.

Call me a cynic, but much is rotten in Washington, that much is clear, and most of the state governments increasingly so that have become more and more dependent on federal monies also due to their excesses, and increasing discretionary expenditures at the cost of those for which they truly are charged to provide under their state constitutions.

And Michigan is one of those states, thanks to Mr. Obama’s layoff of a great many of those auto workers, and plant closures, due to all the outsourcing which has also gone unrestrained of the U.S. industrial base, that has been impacted by the Obamanation and this Congress as with the Bush Administration, in its tax and spend philosophies this past year progressively.