Is your mom responsible for your squat height?

22-November-2012:  As per a recent investigative study, it has been established that mothers experiencing postpartum depression (PPD) in their initial year of motherhood put their child at a risk of being shorter than their peers.

The study was first of its kind to establish depression in the mothers with physical limitation in kids by assessing the data obtained from more than 6,500 kids and their parents.

The results proved that the mothers reporting moderate to severe level of depression symptoms for a period of around nine months after conceiving were 40% more likely to have children who were below the 10th percentile of height as compared to their peers; that is they were shorter than 90% of their classmates. Squats will not affect your tallness. Apart from of weights or not, you will not modify your height. Squatting increase your leg potency and control while flaming fat. Squat potency with run recital and perpendicular skip tallness in best.

Although, there is no clear clinical association has been established between the height of children and mother’s postpartum depression symptoms; but it is assumed that lack of proper nutrition may predispose these kids to lower height complication.

This is because mothers afflicted with depression may not take proper care of their kids with respect to their diet and nutrition as they themselves are not in a state to take care of themselves.

Researchers have also speculated that the mothers with depression may encounter problems with their sleeping that could easily get reflected on their child health leading to improper feeding and disturbance in the sleeping pattern of kids.

Also, the fact that depression causes release of high levels of stress hormone – cortisol which causes low levels of growth hormone may result in stunted height in children.