Islamists in Turkey impinge on Ataturk

Turkey’s ruling pro-Islamist party of Justice and Development (AKP) wants the name of the founder of the secular state in Turkey to be dropped from the  oath of their national assembly ( Majlis).

Proposal of the AKP parliamentary committee which is working on the text of the new constitution is that it contains no more expressions such as "principles and reforms Atatatyurk" and "secular." Once selected, members must take an oath to assume the functions of MPs. It’s possible the new text to be rejected, because it must be approved by the four parliamentary parties.

The work of the committee that worked on the new Constitution was paralyzed by differences in the opinion between the major parties in defining the Turkish identity and rights of the Kurds. The new basic law of the country has to replace the one from 1982.

Since the AKP of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to power in 2002, the political party has been accused by the opposition that wants to Islamize Turkey quietly.