JK BJP observed 121st birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar



Jammu, April 14 (Scoop News)Jammu and Kashmir state  BJP Anusuchit Jaati Morcha observed 121st birth anniversary of Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar in a unique way by performing traditional “Kanjak Poojan” ceremony in honour of girl children belonging to  scheduled caste families. It was organized under the leadership of SC Morcha State President Subhash Bhagat.


BJP State President Shamsher Singh Manhas, who was the chief guest on the occasion, said that only such nation and society move ahead which has well educated people who give direction to the society. He said that whatever Dr. Ambedkar did against untouchability and other social evils was the indicator of  his clear  vision that our country shall remain backward till all the religions, sections and castes are not treated equal. He said that a personality like Ambedkar do not belong to a particular section but is nations pride. He said that the BJP through its Anusuchit Jaati Morcha has set up a study group to compile details about the discrimination with SCs, various developmental schemes and attitude of the government towards them and assured that the party will further give momentum to its campaign for the upliftment and welfare of SCs.   

National  Executive Member Dr. Nirmal Singh referred to discrimination to scheduled Castes by the government in a number of spheres,  including  appointments and regularization of ReT officials where there is no reservation. He also desribed it as a violation of the provision of Indian Constitution founded by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. He said that whatever Dr. Ambedkar preached for unity among different castes carries significance as he was of the view that unity is nation’s greatest strength.

National  Executive Member & MLA Ashok Khajuria said that there is a motive behind organizing such a mega function to make the people aware of the struggle ful life of SCs in India prior and after independence. He said that one’s ability and intelligence has never been the sole property of the high classes. He said that the life of Dr. Ambedkar should prove to be a source of inspiration for the Indians that your desire and commitment to achieve success in life cannot be hindered by financial position or the caste of your family.   

National  Executive Member & Chief Spokesperson Dr. Jitendra Singh said that the failure of Dalit class to receive its due is infact a part of the failure of socialistic dream seen by the founding fathers of this nation at the time of independence. Describing Dr. Ambedkar as the author of the greatest “Granth” of independent India namely the constitution of India, he said that salvation lies in economic prosperty and education because an educated economically independent class can never be subordinated by social or caste prejudices. He said while earlier the upper classes were exploited by Dalit, now the creamy layer of Dalits were itself responsible for depriving their fellow community persons of the opportunity to progress.

SC Morcha State President Subhash Bhagat said that members of our community are gratefdul to Dr. Ambedkar for what he did by incorporating reservation provision in the constitution.

Ex-Corporator of the Ward Balwan Singh thanked the party leadership and the members of SC community to make the programme successful.

Sat Sharma (C.A), Chander Mohan Sharma, Shilpi Verma, Balbir Ram, Rajesh Gupta, Bansi Lal Bharti, Chaman Lal Kanathia, Narsingh Dass Rajwal, Munish Sharma, Vikram Randhawa, Vinay Gupta, Sanjay Baru, Jeet Angral, Govind Kandlay, Puran Bhagat, Meera Samral, Jagjivan Ram, Vijay Kumar, Praduman Singh, Shiv Lal Manyal, Vijay Kumar, Pushpa Wazir, Dinesh Gupta, Tarsem Lal, Sangeeta Gupta, Raj Kumar, Suresh Kumar, Dalip Kumar, Sanjiv Kumar, Balbir Singh and Gourav  were prominent among others who also paid tributes to Dr. Ambedkar.