J&K Govt will take action against striking doctors,Doctors not ready to bend


 Striking Doctors placed under suspension (Updated at 21.34)


           Srinagar October 23 (Vijay Kumar)-J&K  Finance Minister  Abdul Rahim Rather on Friday made it clear that all possible steps would be taken to protect the interests of general public and ensure the patient care in view of the adamant stand of a section of junior doctors to continue their strike. 


In a jam packed press conference here today,he said that government will not hesitate in taking appropriate steps to ensure that at no stage, patient care in the hospitals is affected due to the on going strike.

            Earlier,  Abdul Rahim Rather while apprising the media persons about the role of government in solving the crisis, said that the junior doctor of Jammu are on strike since October 5 and the Kashmir doctors joined them on October 9. He said that there was no reason to strike because government had assured redressal by October 31.Without waiting for darbar move, the doctors proceeded on strike and created numerous problems and sufferings for the sick.

            Referring to recent meetings held on October 21 and 22,  Rather said that the government assured the doctors that their genuine demands would be fulfilled within 8 days and thereafter there was no reason to continue strike. But after seeking more time for discussion among their ranks, the striking doctors today categorically stated that they will not withdraw their strike. Therefore, the government has no option but to take strict action against them under law.

            Later, interacting with the media persons present in the press conference, Finance Minister said that Chief Minister  Omar Abdullah has constituted a high level committee to discuss the issue with the striking doctors and simultaneously the authorities including senior officers of Health, Finance, and Planning are already at job to mitigate the grievances of doctors.

            Replying to another question regarding trust deficit,  Rather said that the doctors have already been given the corresponding grade in accordance to sixth pay commission recommendations. Now they are complaining of lesser grade already given to them before the implementation of sixth pay commission.

            Referring to the action being taken by the government under given circumstances,  Rather said that all possible measures shall be taken in accordance with law and government has to discharge its constitutional responsibilities of protecting public health.

            Minister for Medical Education,  R. S. Chib, Political Advisor to Chief Minister  Davinder Singh Rana, Advisor to Chief Minister  Mubarak Gul, were also present in the press conference.

On the other hand the striking doctors also put up a brave front shiting,once again, the blame on the state government who according to them was indulging in mere lip service than taking concrete action to mitigate the sufferings of the common populace.

Addressing press persons here inJammu representatives ofthe Junior doctors association said , "for last 17 days we are requesting the state government to understand that they are not running after money and only needed a written assurance fromthe  state government that their demands would be fulfilled".


Instead of addressing the genuine concerns raised by the doctors fraternity the state government is bent upon confusing the basic demand of doctors by maintaining that their demands would bemet before hte durbar move and the strike was illegal. How can we trust the state government which has not bothered to address our basic demands for last couple of months only on verbal assurances.


"We are not adamant we are only demanding a written assurance to end the stalemate, spokesperson of the junior doctors association maintained.


Striking Doctors placed under suspension


            While taking serious notice of the problems faced by the people in different Institutions of the Health Services due to strike by the Junior Doctors Associations of Jammu/Srinagar, the following action were taken by the Government:

 a)The Doctors undergoing PG Course, who have been placed under suspension as per University Statutes relevant to the said course are as follows:                          

1.         Dr. Neeraj Sharma                            Medicine

2.         Dr. Irfan-ul Shamas                 ENT

3.         Dr. Dhirender  Singh                Surgery

4.         Dr. Masood Rashid                 Anesthesiology

5.         Dr. Anchal Kotwal                     Surgery

6.         Dr. Ikhlas                                 Pediatrics

7.         Dr. Pritpal Singh                       Medicine

8.         Dr. Suhail                                 Pediatrics

9.         Dr. Sheikh Yasir Islam             Medicine

10.       Dr. Irfan                                    Ortho

11.       Dr. Zulfikar Ali                          Medicine

12.       Dr. Majid                                  Psychiatrics

13.       Dr. Balvinder Singh                  Orthopedic

14.       Dr. Dilawar                               Ophthalmology

15.       Dr. Javed                                            SPM

16.       Dr. Narinder                             Medicine

17.       Dr. Mahpara                            Gyne

18.       Dr. Sanjay Fotedar                  Medicine

19.       Dr. Nawaz                                Gyne

20.        Dr. Nidha                                 Medicine

21.        Dr. Sandeep Koul                   Surgery

22.        Dr. Bashir                                  Gyne

23.        Dr. Anirudh Kaul                     ENT

24.        Dr. Ankush                                Blood Bank

25.        Dr. Asim Rathore                    Radio Diagnosis

26.        Dr. Mehraj-ud-din                   Dermatology

b) The following Assistant Surgeons were reverted back from Medical Education Deptt. to Health Deptt.

1.         Dr. Kulsum                              Asstt. Surgeon

2.         Dr. Adaresh Bhagat                 -do-

3.         Dr. Neelofar                             -do-

4.         Dr. Haroon Salaria                   -do-

5.         Dr. Sudhir Sabharwal               -do-

6.         Dr. Shugufta                             -do-

7.         Dr. Bilques                               -do-

8.         Dr. Rajiv Gupta                        -do-

9.         Dr. Mumtaza                           -do-

10.       Dr. Anjumnoor                         -do-

11.       Dr. Masrat                               -do-

c) Further, Dr. Satinder Singh working in Distt. Kathua has been placed under suspension, pending enquiry

 b)  The Registrars & Demonstrators who have been reverted back to Health  Deptt. are  as follows:-

 1.   Dr. Anayat                           Registrar           Medicine

2.       Dr. Parvez                          -do-`                 Anesthesiology

3.       Dr. Mudasir                         -do-                  Surgery

4.       Dr. Imran                             Demonstrator    Physiology

5.       Dr. Gurdev Singh Rana        Registrar           Surgery

6.       Dr. Sandeep Bhat                -do-                  -do-

7.       Dr. Rajesh Bhagat               -do-                  Medicine

8.       Dr. Gagan   Bali                   -do-                  Surgery

9.       Dr. Satish Parihar                 -do-                  -do-

10.   Dr. Ravi Parihar                   -do-                  Pediatric 

11.   Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma     -do-                  Medicine

12.   Dr. Arshid Bhat                    -do-                  Radiology

13.   Dr. Ashwani Sharma            -do-                  Surgery

 The above orders will find immediate effect.