Kodaikkanal is a beautiful and wonderful green valley

Kodaikkanal is 175 kilometers from Coimbatore city.
Kodaikkanal is less crowded and quieter than Ooty and hence liked by many peace loving tourists. It contains wooded slopes. giant rocks, lovely cascades. Wonderful weather and a beautiful star-shaped natural lake. There is also Berijam Lake, about 20km from Kodaikkanal. Silver Cascade and bear Shola Falls are lovely backdrops to picnic spots. Coaker’s walk runs along a steep slope and commands breathing views of the plains below. Near start of the walk is a Telescope House which enables visitors to enjoy a panoramic view of the valleys and towns around.

The green valley view, commanding a panoramic view of the Vaigai valley and Dam; pillar Rocks, three giant boulders standing shoulder to shoulder, the Kurinji Andavar temple of Lord Muruga, the deity who presides over the flowering of that rare, beautiful and wonderfully fragrant flower, the kurinji, every twelve years, the Shenbaganur museum of the Sacred Heart Collage with its orchidorium exhibiting more than 300 species of exquisite orchids; Bryant Park and the solar physical observatory are all places of interest in Kodai for the tourist.