Lawari tunnel road blocked

 1 died at Lawari tunnel access road hand fractured of a lady passenger.

By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi 
CHITRAL:  One man died at Lawari tunnel access road due to sever cold weather. While hand fractured of a lady passenger while she walking on snow bound slippery road in front of Lawari tunnel. Hundred of vehicles strained on Lawari tunnel access road due to poor condition of road having ditches in its middle and land slidin appvns
g ,glaciers. Salahuddin Salih a local social worker complained to this scribe on telephone that thousands of Chitrali passengers left for Peshawar via Lawari tunnel they reached 10 AM on Friday to travel inside the tunnel which was open for traffic after one week but they faced to wait there for 24 hours in chilly and sever cold weather surrounding by snowfall at its four sides. He said that one man belonging to Mroi was died at Lawari tunnel access road due to sever cold weather while a woman fell down whose hand also broken on slippery freeze ground at Baradam village. National Highway Authority (NHA) badly failed to clear Lawari tunnel road for passengers timely. Although soldiers of 104 Engineering battalion of Pakistan Army have removed snow from Lawari Tunnel access road on both sides within two days but it still need some maintenance for smoothly traffic. It is worth to mention that Lawari tunnel remained close 4 days a week and open only 3 days for 3 hours from 12.30 to 3.30 PM and after that Korean staff allow no vehicle inside the tunnel. A dead body was also carried to Chitral after 7 days via Lawari tunnel. Hundred of vehicles stand on both  sides of Tunnel waiting for its opening but there is no facility for these passengers especially women folk and children. As a result people of Chitral face numerous problems due to no arrangement for women and children. Social and political circle of Chitral have demanded from high ups of NHA as well as Federal Minister of communication for opening Lawari tunnel 7 days a week for Chitrali passengers to redress their grievances. Hundred of passengers protested when they were barred from travelling indie the tunnel and security forces opened aerial firing and started beaten charges when they protested peacefully for their rights. 
Chitral Scouts will start recruitments of corps during mobile selection teams.
CHITRAL:  Chitral Scouts will start mobile recruiting of soldiers/corps from Monday.    A  spokesman of Chitral scouts told this scribe that Chitral scouts will start recruiting of new constable/corps from Monday during mobile teams. He said that mobile teams comprising over officers of Chitral scouts will visit Drosh, Arandu, Ursoon, Booni and remote localities to facilitates youth of Chitral by providing them an opportunity of recruiting in Chitral scouts as spy (corps)  talented and qualified youth would be nominated hence their final selection will be held at Chitral Scouts headquarters under the chair of Commandant Chitral Scouts. It is to inform general public to arrange for attending these mobiles teams of CS for recruiting in Chitral scouts 
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