Live Review- Ninjaspy w/Whitey

Live Review – Ninjaspy w/Whitey, Batoche and The Hycoprits
Saturday October 20, 2007
Pub 340 – Vancouver, BC

In the event my ears heal, I will certainly bestow my humble thoughts to the Canadian recording industry – in a simplified form so they will understand of course. Slow, dimwitted A&R people need to stop looking for a new marketing ploy and focus on finding good songwriters with true skills. Here are three. Young, hungry and bursting with talent, Vancouver’s new,and only!), kings of “Throwthefuckdownskankfunkrock” have arrived.

In a nutshell – Ninjaspy is the best of all worlds. Drawing influence from music only you and I have heard, this trio of brothers, (average age 22), banded together and delivered a diversified musical debut of such incredible intricacy its nothing short of perfection. Definitely something worth getting your mind around.

With barely enough room for the ABORT TV crew, (Mark, Gary and Ben, who were in the pit with their cameras – true soldiers), Pub 340 was the locale in question this night as the “Triad in Blood” (as they are also known), came out swinging. Pulling tracks from their debut album “Pi Nature”, (produced by the legendary Garth Richardson of Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers fame), the sound was extra tasty crispy and Ninjaspy was fucking bang on. Album versions were played in full frontal assault mode with little improvisation and rightfully so. Vocalist/guitarist Joel, drummer Adam and bassist Tim Parents’ infectious hooks had their loyal fans singing along with fervent conviction. Even earlier the hype was evident as everyone in the club was discussing the band and ninja gear was the dress code.

A legion of followers has arisen for a band that few know exists. Well, perhaps not you… at least, not yet. Think a 3 piece Mr. Bungle with Patton’s vocals taking a turn for the better, add some laser beams and dreads, turn it all up to eleven, stand the fuck back and enjoy.

As cliché as it may seem, Ninjaspy is “The Next Big Thing” coming out of Vancouver. You have no choice but to drop your weapons, throw down the skank and surrender to your inner souls cry for musical salvation. Pay attention Canadian recording industry, Ninjaspy is on the rise and the people’s salvation is at hand.

By E.S. Day