Man arrested with 247 animals in his suitcase at an airport in Argentina

 The arrestee attempted to carry 15 snakes, 28 lizards, snakes, frogs, snails and turtles hidden in small plastic containers.

He is accused of a crime of attempted aggravated contraband.
The judge has ordered a seizure of $ 80,000 on his property.
Airport Security Police in Argentina arrested a Czech who intended to return to their country, to Madrid, with a suitcase full with 247 reptiles and mollusks , as reported by local media Tuesday. hid containers between socks and handkerchiefs
international airport of Ezeiza, outside Buenos Aires, and he has intervened Aguinsky Judge Marcelo, who has been indicted Abelovsky Czech Karel, 51 years for the crime of attempted smuggling aggravated. According to the newspaper published on Tuesday Clarín , the arrested animals carrying small containers of plastic, including socks and handkerchiefs. Among the animals transported were 15 snakes , nine of them poisonous, 28 lizards , snakes, frogs, snails and turtles. The trial judge ordered the foreclosure, worth nearly $ 80,000 and he was released to the prohibition of leaving the country.