Memorial Day Memories

The Memorial Day holiday is probably more significant to me than it is to many Americans for one simple reason.

Historically, May 30th was designated as Memorial Day; however, the day in May has fluctuated during the last several decades due to a change in legislation in order accomodate U.S. businesses and their employees to afford a three day weekend.

Memorial Day remained May 30th for many years after I was born, since May 30th just happens to be my birthday.

I was born on the day which was designated to honor all those killed in the wars preceding my birth…which at that time were those who lost their lives in the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, World War I and World War II. 

My birth and their deaths have been my legacy ever since.

While President Obama laid wreaths and rolled out the patriotic speeches, and Romney used the day to campaign on increases in federal governmental spending on defense, mention was made that this is also the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Viet Nam war.

Also a war in which I was an eyewitness to the events surrounding its beginning, progression and ending.

What I heard did not at all address this war for what it was.

The start of the wars for global dominance and offensive engagements rather than Constitutional defensive ones.

The service personnel from that war need recognition more so probably than any other group of servicemen and women.

After all, most of them were required to serve, or run off to Canada if they did not wish to be drafted.  

Many came back having been the subjects of experiments in chemical warfare (Agent Orange), and with PTSD due to having to fight a war against an ill defined enemy, for an ill defined purpose, and against women and children who were used also as combatants.

Sort of like this ongoing conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and wherever else the front in this Middle Eastern "War on Terror" moves.

It appeared to me that many of those governmental officials waving the flag interviewed on cable television were using terrorism tactics themselves. 

Romney stating that "this country is no more safet today than it was ten years ago" and in need of bulking up its military defensive spending in order to guarantee Americans future safety and security from the Middle Eastern threat.

When over 4,000 men and women so far have died in this current war, in addition to those lost in 9-11…would appear the threat is greater over there than it would be if we were fighting this war on our own home soil, if needed.   I mean, what is the logic of losing another 4,000 lives after losing almost 3,000 and doubling down on the loss of life. 

If what Mr. Romney states is true, just how many more lives will be needed?

Our own U.S. borders are still, for the most part, unsecure and more and more foreigners are being afforded entry in this country than ever before, under that U.S. free pass visa waiver program which was instituted during the last days of the Bush Administration.

We are now training foreign troops on U.S. soil for the first time in American history – just how secure is that making this country’s defense?

If we are not any more secure today than we were ten years ago, just what was the point of Reagan’s Star Wars program, and all the literally tens of billions of dollars that have been spent to buy the latest satellite technology, and all those gadgets and guns?

Just how many more American lives, and livelihoods, will it take?

And how many that paid tribute today, will not be here for the next Memorial Day?