Nepal: Chaudhary Group commits crime against public health

According to Nepal’s government-run daily newspaper the Gorkhapatra published today, a shopkeeper in Saptari district has found decomposed slurry and insects in all the packets of Rio juice produced by CG Foods (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd.

The daily has quoted one Mohan Bharati, the shopkeeper at Mahuli, Saptari, as acknowledging that all packets of Rio juice were found to have insects and rotten slurry inside. He was reported to have discovered this problem while he inserted a straw pipe into the packet to give to his granddaughter. As soon as he smelled very bad, he is said to have opened the packet to see what was wrong. Upon finding the rotten slurry and insects inside the packet, he reportedly checked all other packets in which he found the same problem.

Civil Society members in Saptari are reportedly preparing for agitation and health advocacy while the concerned company has dismissed the issue as nothing that affects its business. The attitude of the company goes against the often quoted expression of Chaudhary Group President Mr. Binod Kumar Chaudhary “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.If people have to believe his statement, the problem that has occurred in this incident is the outcome of ill-intention, insincerity, unworthy direction and ill-implementation.

 In Nepal, most of the parents are ignorant about the quality of such beverage no matter how many times such problems have been pointed out by the mass media.

CG Foods (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd. is a company under the Chaudhary Group, a prominent industrial house working closely with the political parties and the government.