Nina Mindova author of poetry book”Secret feelings”

Nina represents us Its "concealed feelings" poetry book.

The book is The drop of the poetic speech, put in the gold crown to the Bulgarian clasic. Incredible at a style, more explicit instrumentalities and intellectual charge, as an odoriferous chrisom, she anoints by the singular attars to the wisdom and the creative beauty. The emigration
really common and contemporary fixes as the love, the human”s interrelations,. The bulgarian folklore customs raddling eggs, the fire walking are mentioned.
appearanceThey issue The historic personalities as Vassil Levski and Hristo Botev.

The music is shopped as art with the influence on the personality as well. She is related with the notion for a perfection, glamor and imagination. The music is blessing at the home end.
Appear The effigies as the "home ", "home moon" sun that are the synecdoches to the fatherland. The authoress puts the question for the ecology, on the great exploitation on the environment. The human has to keep the world, to finish out before ecological smash – up. The
natural lyric drew The sea, the city with its nature, for the fall