Passengers on Virginia Railway Express (VRE) in Pushing Matches

Commentary: I’m amazed to read in an article in the Manassas Patch Internet site that Virginia Railway Express (VRE) passengers have been pushing, shoving, and threating the conductors’ and other passengers who ride the train in a rude manner. It’s my opinion these passengers are acting like juveniles and this is "not the way" to go about boarding and exiting the train.

It’s insulting to read that adults act like a heard of cattle trying to inch their way into a corral. Why do some passengers feel as though they have preferential treatment and they’re authorized to push and shove passengers who have been waiting in line too? It’s my opinion these passengers are out-and-out rude and they’re making matters worse for everyone involved.

Passengers are constantly being reminded in the VRE’s "Train Talk" newsletter not to participate in pushing, shoving, getting up and out of their seats to stand neither in the aisles nor near the train doors prior to the passengers get-off point. Passengers are doing this in order to get off the train ahead of others and it is an accident waiting to happen.  

It’s the responsibility of the conductors’ to have control within the train cars and passengers should not get insulted because they’re trying to follow the establish safety rules and regulations. It’s also the conductors’ responsibility to determine what is acceptable and not acceptable on the train as well as getting passengers to their destinations on time and in a safe manner. They also have the authority to remove a passenger/passengers who are being disorderly, ignoring them, and defying their rules and requests too. 

Passengers should realize standing in vestibules near the train doors can be hazardous and a lot of passengers may end up being hurt. Safety rules and regulations are for a reason and passengers should acknowledge them and abide by them while they’re on the train. 

It’s sad to watch mature adults act out in this manner, and I’m one who wants to ask them, "Why should anyone be above the law?" It’s my belief when people disobey rules and regulations on any public transportation system, they should be banned from the system for a period of time.


Commentary Opinion Written by Barbara Kasey Smith and based on an article on…