People Should Keep Their Sexual Relationships To Themselves

I don’t know how other people feel about sharing their sexual histories and other personal information but I prefer to keep it to myself. I’ve known people who have told their spouses and other people about every sexual relationship they had ever had and it came back to haunt them too. 

It is my opinion telling a spouse and other people about your sexual histories and personal pasts can cause a person to suffer a lot of marital issues and personal problems in their life.

I’ve seen men/women who would bring up their spouses past every time they had a spat or a disagreement in their marriage. I’ve also seen people suffer because they told their personal pasts and it ended up being spread throughout a neighborhood or at their office too.
I’ve also known where a man/woman hid their criminal or drug pasts from their spouse and their marriage ended up being annulled. 

People have a tendency to gossip and they pass other people’s important information on to others and then everyone ends up knowing that person’s hidden "secrets."

I do believe some people cannot keep a secret regardless of what it is and this causes me to sometimes feel like I’m an odd-ball for feeling the way I do, but I must say, I treasure my secrets and keep them to myself.  

It is my opinion that a sexual relationship between two people is sacred and it shouldn’t be passed along as idle gossip to others. My husband wouldn’t have dared to ask me about my past sexual history and neither would I about his.

I’ve often stated in life, "The things you don’t know about will not clutter or haunt a mind for a lifetime."

It’s my belief that once a couple has committed themselves in holy matrimony, what type sexual relationships they’ve had before is all in the past and the couple should look toward to their future together.

It is my opinion that every couple planning to marry should provide their spouse to be with any important information about a criminal past, sexual misconduct, drug past, bad credit, or a serious mental problem prior to marriage.

All of these factors need to be discussed in detail prior to marriage and it shouldn’t be sugar coated either. It’s important that all matters are cleared up before they take that walk down the aisle. This gives a man/woman the opportunity to opt out if they desire to.

When people neglect to fill-in their spouses about detrimental information that can affect different things in their married lives, it’s my opinion this is grounds for an immediate divorce. Prior criminal arrests, sexual misconduct issues, and other serious problems do have lasting lifetime affects for people and a person should be made aware of them prior to marriage.

It is not right for a person to marry someone who has a lot of cluttered baggage they’re bringing into their marriage without first discussing it with their mate.

Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole writer of this article – the article is written about past experiences Barbara has seen or lived through.