Powerful American’s Make Mistakes Too

People in America are seeing many testing’s taking place in today’s society and whether we want to admit it or not, all wrong happenings affect each and every one of us. When we see our powerful military leaders falling short in their personal lives, it’s my opinion "they’re" humans just like the rest of us and they too can fall short of God’s glory.

I don’t care how powerful a person is or what jobs they’re assigned to they do make mistakes in their lives just like we all have done in our lives too. There’s not a human being on this earth who hasn’t made a mistake in life but we dust ourselves off and pick up the pieces and trudge forward trying "not" to commit the sin again.

In the Bible, Matthew 5: 7, God’s word tells us, "Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy."

It’s my opinion these powerful American leaders have worked hard to earn their powerful jobs because their performances have been proven and recognized to be of the highest standards; thus, causing Americans to respect and to be proud of them as leaders. 

It would be wise if we all took a step back to remember what God’s word tells us in John 8: 3 & 7 about the woman who was brought before Jesus for adultery, and Jesus said, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."

In the Bible, John 7: 4, and God’s word tells us, "For there is no man that does anything in secret, and he himself seeks to be known openly. If they do these things, show yourself to the world."

It’s my opinion one of the most powerful men in America, Ex-CIA Director David Petraeus, has admitted before the American people his wrong of having an affair with another woman; and he has stepped down from his powerful job too. It’s my belief that we should now stop all this gossip, pointing fingers, and end all the talk about this situation. 

We need to back-off and allow the investigators to continue any further investigations to determine if there has been any other security breaches. It was announced on the local news channels that as of now, no security breaches were found.  

We’re not Petraeus’ judge and jury and we should not continue to condemn him as such.

Sole Opinion of Writer Barbara Kasey Smith