Skin Tags Grow On Various Areas Of The Human Body

I don’t know about other people but I hate those dreadful small benign growths called "skin tags" which are composed of a core fiber and ducts, nerve cells, fat cells, and a cover or epidermis that begins to grow when people start into their middle age.

One year we were at the beach and when I put on my bathing suit, I was appalled by the gross sight of them on my neck. I could not believe I was at a stage in my life to have such things growing on both sides of my neck. The sight robbed something from my youth that day, and to be honest I’m not over it yet.

I had never been told the neck areas, armpits, under a woman’s breasts, the eyelids, and the groin areas are a great place for skin tags to appear. They emerge in the areas where a person’s collar and jewelry rub their neck too. I stood there that day looking into the mirror and thinking, "Such terrible looking monsters have attacked my neck like a bunch of bees in a hive. I have to get rid of them before I have a seizure."  

I also learned that middle aged men get skin tags too. I did some research at the time and found there are many other names for these dreadful monsters, i.e., fibro epithlial polyp, cutaneous tag, cutaneous papilloma, papilloma colli, fibroma molluscum, soft fibroma, Templeton skin tag, and fibroma pendulum. 

Sking tags are mostly raised up from the flatness of the human skin on a stalk and this is called a peduncle. They look like a small ball attached to a stalk. They’re facinating to look at and they vary in sizes. They’re beastly little monster looking skin deformities that give me the absolute chills.

They’re more prevalent in women who are pregnant, obese people, and people who have type 2 diabetes. I’ve also learned that about 50% of people develop these skin tags at some point in their lives. There’s an old saying, "Every second a person on earth gets a skin tag." I cannot attest to this statement, but I must confess, I’ve had the dermatologist remove about a 100 skin tags from my neck over the past years. 

I’ve also learned that Health Professionals do not really know what causes skin tags, but some of them who have done studies believe it is caused by heredity, rubbing of skin against skin, elevated hormone levels, chaffing, microorganisms, and the Human Papillomavirus (wart virus).

People should check their armpits and groin areas for skin tags because a lot of time a person will accidently cut on of them off as they’re shaving. They may also notice that their skin tag is red and looks irritated and in most cases, it will fall off from the rubbing and irritation. 


Barbara Kasey Smith is the sole source of this information.