Social Media & Business

Even now business has really only just begun catching up to consumers who have already seized onto social media as a way to communicate and share information about themselves, their interests and the products and services they like. It’s true that social media has changed pretty much everything about the way regular people communicate and even work together so it’s not that surprising that corporations now see social media’s potential for revolutionizing communications in enterprises too.


Work product collaboration, data mining, CRM, customer service, marketing and public relations and even business intelligence are some of the ways that businesses are now utilizing social media as tools.

This relatively new shift has businesses mining social media postings for competitive intelligence, trolling for customer complaints that they can respond to quickly, monitoring their reputations and finding unhappy competitor customers.

Back to Basics

The social media culture, which evolved as a fast and direct networking and collaborative user tool, is certainly permeating the enterprise. Businesses are finally taking advantage of its speed and efficient collaboration capability to create business environments where projects and decisions are more efficient where even a new employee can quickly offer input. the old business “Intranet” has been streamlined and updated taking on the user experience of popular social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, etc., providing employees with access to broader resources within the company and a greater opportunity to contribute.

Social Following is the action of following someone through all of their social accounts.

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