Solar Eclipse in Nepal, South Asia

On Friday, 2010 January 15, an annular eclipse will be seen from some parts of the earth while in Nepal, it will be seen as a partial eclipse. According to B.P. Koirala Memorial Planetarium, Observatory and Science Museum Development Board, it will last for three hours in Nepali sky.

Since it has a huge religious significance in Nepal and India, people will take bath in holy rivers and observe different rituals during the festival.

In Nepal the eclipse starts at 12.24 pm.

According to NASA, the path of the Moon’s antumbral shadow begins in Africa and passes through Chad, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia. After leaving Africa, the path crosses the Indian Ocean where the maximum duration of annularity reaches 11 min 08 s. The central path then continues into Asia through Bangladesh, India, Burma (Myanmar), and China. A partial eclipse is seen within the much broader path of the Moon’s penumbral shadow, which includes eastern Europe, most of Africa, Asia, and Indonesia.