Summer ManyWhiteHorses Left Son’s Body in Trunk for Months

Summer ManyWhiteHorses has been charged with deliberate homicide in the death of her 2-year-old son James. What’s worse is that she kept the boy’s body in the trunk of her for months without telling anyone the boy’s whereabouts or that he was dead.

Summer ManyWhiteHorses says that her son died because of an accident but has told family members and authorities conflicting stories about the boy’s whereabouts since she placed his body, wrapped in a blanket and garbage bag, in her trunk in late May. Since then, ManyWhiteHorses has been caring for her 11-year-old daughter who is no longer in her custody.

Police found the boy’s body after Summer ManyWhiteHorses finally told them where he could be found. Police had to visit a vehicle wrecking yard to retrieve the body because ManyWhiteHorses had abandoned the car after it was towed because of a moving violation.

ManyWhiteHorses is being held on $250,000 bail.

Source: Associated Press

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