“Tests need to be marketed well”

"One of the suggestions I gave to the MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) was to make Test cricket day/night affair to allow people to come and watch it after their duty hours," said IPL chairman Lalit Modi.

"I have already suggested this to the BCCI. Going to watch the India vs West Indies Test match in 1983 at the Wankhede Stadium as a seven-year-old is etched in my memory.

"The BCCI should open the gates on weekends to top school and college children to savour Test cricket live. If at least 10 per cent of them become Test fans, the purpose would be served," Sachin Tendulkar  said.

"This action is spread out over seven hours which is too long. When you tweak that, Test cricket can be enjoyable," said Sanjay Manjrekar.

"There are other sports for the consumer to turn to.

"There are 100 or 150 TV channels too. One way forward is to play day-night Tests. Also we need to schedule more Tests into the FTP which can be done for the 2012-2020 programme," modi suggested.

"What I want is excellence but I feel there’s too much mediocrity in 50-over games. Take for example the recent series between Sri Lanka and Pakistan, where 80 per cent of the runs were scored through ones and two’s and not through boundary hits," Manjrekar pointed out.

"Everyone wants to wear an India cap. But you have to be realistic too. What the IPL has done is to open doors and allow players to pursue their passion. When I took up to the game as a five-year-old I did not do so thinking I would make money. These were all incidental," Sachin said.

"I am confident that Twenty20 is here to stay," modi said.