The Danes Do It Again – ‘Det røde kapel’ at New Directors/New Films

Det røde kapel/The Red Chapel
Mads Brügger
Denmark, 2009

4 April 2010
Walter Reade Theater, New York

Cast: Mads Brügger, Simon Jul Jørgensen, Jacob Nossell

The IMDb synopsis sets up this documentary as well as it can be set up:

“Two Danish comics, one of them a spastic and both born in Korea, join the director on a trip to North Korea, where they have been allowed access under the pretext of wanting to perform a vaudeville act.”

Film as an act of courage.

Three Danes confront the North Korean regime under the banner of comedy, and come out alive and free – even if morally compromised.

There’s something about Danes and totalitarianism. It makes sense that Lars von Trier’s Zentropa production company provided funding.

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