The Market Is Speaking But Washington Is Tone Deaf

With once again all the political posturing by representatives of both the mainstream political global socialist parties in the U.S. who are clearly not at all the voice of their true constituents, the actual John Q. Public and citizens themselves other than select industry members involved, the passage by the House of Misrepresentatives of the lastest "taxation without representation" with respect to the Health Care Deform bill has been too incredible to believe.

The AMA and AARP who were fundamental in writing this massive legislation, along with the large corporate unions who also offer their own "supplemental" health care benefits and plans at retirement as the AARP does were brought in for backup. 

AARP, however, although started as a "voice" for retirees and elderly Americans, is now primarily simply a trade association of corporations which market to senior citizens in this country, but specifically, of course,  mentioned in order to share the spotlight with the "creators" during which time these representatives were otherwise occupied some additional American lives were lost both in Iraq and the U.S. directly tied to our continued foreign involvement now eight years post 9/11 in Iraq at some government buildings in Iraq, and a Texas U.S. military base here in the U.S.

It apparently didn’t register with Congress that the fundamental beef of the American people with respect to health care and health insurance itself was the massive costs now involved for even a routine doctor’s visit at this point, while also paying those outrages rates for insurance monthly also with co-pays and even basic catastrophic care costs which have escalated far in excess of the cost of living.

Which figures are fiction to begin with and compiled using funky and creative bookkeeping since most union contracts are tied in, of course, to those cost of living tables and figures kept by the U.S. Department of Labor which due to the costs now of further education now at over ten times that of the CPI just goes to show just how inaccurate those figures actually are.

It is not unheard of that an initial patient visit sometimes involving less than 30 minutes or in many cases even treatments now more and more being provided by support staff and paraprofessionals can exeed over $250 for a brief wellness check or athletic examination for sports involvement by our youth.

Unlike in the past, most lab tests are now done by outside laboratories who also separately bill most of those fees and costs, even routine urine specimens or routine blood tests.

The fact that there are so many in this country now without health insurance and the causes thereof have been well known to most state legislatures, and the federal government for many years.  The costs of such plans, and the hassle then many times involving approvals for treatment, have turned the public off to the insurance industry in general. 

Not to mention that there is little choice now in coverages due to the fact that so many states now are writing policies actually through legislation, rather than simply regulating the underwriters and these corporations insofar as their marketing and providing adequate redress for failures to provide as the "public" corporations most of these entities now are.

Most are not only publicly funded in grant monies and tax breaks for most of these clinics and larger medical facilities, but also sell shares of "stock" in American’s health provision over the global marketplace and thus not private, but public corporations and "state actors" actually at this point for the federal and state governments themselves.

Especially with now all the privileges and immunities that have been given in the "hands off" approaches that have been historically given to these industries as somehow deemed "private contracts."  Of course, many times without one of the parties having any real choice in either the terms, or the changes that are attached to these policies under annual "rider" changes.

Now that doctors can also charge for the time it takes to fill out these massive forms, in many cases, those costs too have caused the rise in premium rates and also those great seminars the AMA conducts in order to make sure that staff members are "selling" the practices of most of the medical professionals during their mandated professional continuing education classes.

Although the AMA, like the ABA, is supposedly a "regulatory" agency in and of itself, with now the number of foreign doctors practicing in this country at the present time, there is a large segment of the medical profession that has absolutely no regulation whatsoever through either professional association, or state or federal provision.

The costs were and are the problem, and the medical profession and health insurance special interest groups themselves have actually placed their fees and costs higher than the market can bear, and now Washington has not heard the voice of the people once again but instead is including still the unconstitutional mandatory provisions that all Americans must carry coverage by 2013 or be fined if in violation? 

If you can’t afford the insurance, just how are most going to afford these fines?   Literaly thousands at this point have lost their homes, and with foreclosures and bankruptcies, or other bad credit marks now against them which will remain for five to ten years, I’m sure many Americans are asking the same questions I am.

It appears the only "details" that are yet to be ironed out in the Senate version now have to do with abortions and provision of health care for immigrants.  Although due to current federal laws on the books, illegal immigrants are afforded health care costs and provision courtesy of the U.S. citizens in every state in the nation and have been receiving such benefits for well over ten years as this former Arizonan can attest.

As with most of the problems with the U.S. economy at the present time, it does appear that the market is speaking and has been loud and clear about the high cost of health care, as with the price now of U.S. automobiles equipped with expensive and repair prone computers driving them, and all these "gadgets" now that have made the costs of most durable goods, and services, far exceeding the wages of the average Americans – with many Americans caught in a Catch 22.

Damned if they do, and damned if they don’t, with such loosey goosy legislation, and even automobile inspections now carried on in many states for American citizens forced to hang on to their tried and true gas guzzlers who, even with $4,000 "rebates" and ""cash for junkers" realize that such marketing ploys by Washington don’t even cover the sales taxes and registration fees for a new automobile in this country.

Not to mention the increases in insurance for a new car versus an old junker.

The hat tricks and public posturing will not change the fact that Washington has once again created more future "criminals" who will have no choice but to "break the law," and/or eventually also lose their homes or be the source of another "new job creation" of Washington.

More bankruptcy judges and lawyers.

But then again, the private lawyers and staffs of those "misrepresentatives" also wrote this piece of ludicrous legislation. 

It seems the largest job stimulus that has occurred for the last four presidencies has been that of the lawyers, politicians, and gadget industries while those not "scientifically" inclined now are waiting at the door of the soup kitchens.

If they aren’t picked up for loitering or unlawful assembly by local authorities before the doors open so that the state governments can get their stimulus based on the head counts in the local county and state run facilities – even though more and more now are even "privatizing" the jails which were paid for by the citizeny in order to also shift the burdens of provision of sums meant for governmental purposes in order to gain more and more for discretionary spending for campaign contributors as their industry "stimulus," at the citizen’s ultimate expense.

And it does appear that it is only in this generation that the word "homeless," unlike the World War II depression era victims of Wall Street and banker economic manipulation, has taken on a new definition.

"Homeless" means being nothing more than the "new" definition of "commerce" now as defined on the Hill.

The fact that this Administration and Congress now have even defined this "new" program as being one that would be "similar" to Medicare and yet give the private industries competition with the new government plan really said it all.

Federal government now is acting officially as U.S.A., Inc., and views the citizens as nothing more than a "commercial" interest of Uncle Sam himself.  And Washington a "competitor" business interest to the private sector, which is no longer private whatsoever but public once those corporations ‘go public’ and become listed on the global market exchange. 

The share holders and owners really at that point are the ratepayers and investors, not the "shell" of the corporation nor the Boards of Directors of these industries at all.

People are now commerce whose lives have just been "brokered" for the added tax revenue, or corporate investors capital gains.   Just another new Washington/special interest joint venture ala General Motors.

Since that face saving 5% "surcharge" and tax on the wealthy is really quite a joke.

Since, of course, at now over $200-400 per hour in most parts of the country, it is the wealthy that have the money to hire the lawyers to find those loopholes they included within all the legalese.   

Probably the same lawyers that wrote this massive bill with those loopholes built right in and so complex that Clarence Darrow would probably have a great deal of difficulty deciphering.

I wonder how many more federal district and U.S. Supreme Court justices have been budgeted in this new job "stimulus?"

It appears America’s economic base is being shifted from manufacturing and agriculture to government, banking, computer and health care with eventually Hal from 2001 sitting in the Oval Office.

Don’t laugh.

When was the last time you called your local IRS or government office and actually spoke to a person?

I wonder how they will be sworn in and given the oath of office?

The Terminator won in California based mostly on box office receipts, and didn’t even need a screen test for those "Visit Callyfornia" ads which run every spring throughout the nation. 

With California the major beneficiary of the "science based technology" contracts for the War in Iraq, I wonder what the budgets are for those tourism ads?

Mr. Obama reportedly has a Blackberry fetish, and the only television it appears anyone in this country is watching are amateur/professionally produced talent shows promoting text messaging votes for the Hals to crunch.

Depending on their programming.

And it appears that "programming" Americans to swallow this bill and negate the market surveys and this now new "taxation without representation" special interest welfare bill was behind most of those klieg lights last week vying for media attention in the wake of again another American victimization with civil unrest undertones due to the continuation of this now eight year ill defined Washington "job stimulus"venture which tragedically occurred at Fort Hood.

Although the market actually has also spoken loud and clear on that.

And from my personal experience since it does appear that AT&T and various other telecommunications companies have been given stimulus contracts and provided most state and federal legislators throughout the country their own Blackberries with text messaging, maybe they could use some of those profits to put in some additional towers outside the Northeast.

After all the coupons for those high tech digital cable boxes come in, of course, the paltry credit now all Americans face with having to now pay for the weather after having built all those towers were given, especially those in Middle America interested more in the farm reports than Entertainment Tonight, so that the HALS can now use them gratis instead.