The Money Trail


The Overseas Development Assistance Loan from China and the Philippine Gaming Corporation has created an unusual road called the “corruption highway” which leads to the “money trail” where select people in government and religious leaders carry out their rendezvous. The unholy alliance between the administration officials and a group of Bishops was made possible to hide the “corruption highway” and to keep secret the “money trail” from being exposed to the prying eyes of the public.

The “corruption highway” was constructed through the use of grease money or fat money that goes up to the ‘money trail.”  The ODA Loan from China was used to macadamize the “corruption highway” engineered by trusted VIP i.e. voracious and inept people and supported by the Chinese in exchanged for bigger concession in Spratley Islands.

On the other hand, the “money trail” was made to firm up the “corruption highway” to endure or even last the intrusion of the suspecting civil society. The Philippine Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), which handles the entire casino operations in the country, called on the Bishops to help paved the “money trail”. In effect, PAGCOR and the Bishops helped each other to secure and preserved not only the “money trail” but also the wide and long “corruption highway.”