The Wedding Feast Explained

Dusty, a pal of mine, better known as (50 Caliber) asked me for a spiritual interpretation, or my understanding concerning the Parable from Jesus on the King’s Wedding Feast in (MATTHEW: 22: 2-14)

Dusty requested from me to give special attention to the improperly dressed guest who is evicted from the feast. Dusty dear Bro, this one’s for you. I pray it clears things up for you.

I grabbed my Bible and read the account, and I have to admit, it puzzled me to, why the Father picked on this one guest, not properly dressed.

I mean he sent his servants into the streets to gather in anyone who was willing to attend. What difference did it make how someone was dressed?

I pondered this for several days asking Holy Spirit to reveal to me what Jesus was relating with this parable.

This is what was revealed to me.

In (MATTHEW: 22: 2-8) of the parable, Jesus is discussing the end times, as revealed in Revelation. Our Lord Jesus Has taken as His Bride the Church of Christ. It is a time of great celebration.

Almighty God, as Father calls for His Chosen People, The people of Isreal, including the Scribes, the Pharisees, and Sadducees, all those Isrealites who refused to accept Jesus as King, as The Christ, as their Messiah, and of course since they denied Jesus as their Messiah, they fail and refuse to show up for Jesus Wedding Feast.

(MATTHEW:22: 9-10) Almighty God then decides to welcome as guests all people who would recognize Jesus as The Christ and Messiah, the Gentiles, the Samaritans, the Greek, the Roman, so he sends out His servants to call them in. God realizes that not just the Jews the Israelites are important but that all people are his children and there are no longer a favorite people to God.

(MATTHEW: 22: 11-14) When Almighty God enters the banquet hall and the hall is now full of Christians, those who believe in Jesus and His Resurrection. God happens to take note that the devil who is not clothed in wedding garb, has slipped into the banquet hall too. The devil would never conform to God’s Laws or Jesus Laws and would not try to fit in. So Almighty God has the devil bound and cast into the "Lake of Fire" and eternal darkness, separation from God and Jesus, The Light of The World.

The fact that the devil will never conform is emphysised, in (Verse 14:) "For many are called, but few are chosen." Jesus called every person Jew or Gentile who would accept and follow Him as the risen Messiah, to become brother or sister with Him. Neither God nor Jesus would ever welcome back the devil satan. He is condemned for all eternity to the Lake of Fire.