US Presidential Election and the Mob (noisy pro Dems crowd)

Definitely it’s Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton who will be proclaimed as the next US President. The Democrats juggernaut will succeed comes November 2008 because they will be supported by the mob-the noisy anti-war, hardened Democrats and pro-armed activists cum terrorists spread all over the world.

The Republicans are the bete noires of the mob because the GOP brought the war to the terrorists and rouge states. The mob hates such actions by the GOP and that is why they wanted to bring Obama or Clinton to the White House. Either of the two will served the popular requests of the mob.

Obama or Clinton will have to choose Sean Penn as the next Secretary of States, a diplomatic position where he could negotiate with Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong IL, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Ladin and other high risk terrorists figures. George Clooney as Special Envoy to the Middle East where he could order a pull-out of all American forces in the region.

Other celebrities who support the Dems might as well offered positions like Homeland Security to be able to allow terrorists cells to prosper inside the US of A. And if attacked by the enemy they would just sit and relax and let the carnage pass-by because the terrorists are only expressing their sentiments. They don’t like to violate the human rights of the activists cum terrorists.

The mobs have short memories and do not appreciate of what the GOP has done for their country. It was Ronald Reagan who helped lowered and shredded the “iron curtain” of old USSR which was followed by “Glasnost and Perestroika.” Subsequently, Berlin Wall collapsed and the communist states of Europe became the thing of the past.

President Bush overrun the super-strict Taliban and flushed out Al Qaeda and Bin Ladin of their lairs. He toppled Sadam Hussein, the disgraced leader who massacred his own people. Some terrorists were killed or captured and given equal attention inside prison cells. But unfortunately, Bush was accused of being a war monger and human rights violations. FREAK! The terrorists deliberately and intentionally killed people in great numbers but they were never accused of human rights violations. Sadam committed mass murder but never accused of violating any human rights. Hugo Chavez subverted its own people to follow his equally freak ideology but Sean Penn and others appreciated Chavez egotistical behavior. The imminent victory of Democrats is a good omen for all the mobs and for all the terrorists because they know they will just receive kid gloves and a pat on the shoulder. Remember US Embassy bombing in Africa and elsewhere? Bill Clinton failed to act against the terrorists. May God Bless America.


 This is an original commentary