Vakil asks Hurriyat to hold talks with Centre too


Jammu, January 02 (Scoop News) –Former minister and AICC Member Abdul Gani Vakil today appealed Hurriyat leaders that the way they talked to Pakistan, they must also come forward and hold a dialogue with Centre in order to defeat evil designs of those trying to deprive people of development and prosperity for their vested interests. The gap created thus enables such forces to mislead people as well as Centre for their own benefits who loot the state exchequer and the money meant for people and development of state goes to their own coffers with this kind of uncertainty prevailing in the state. A dialogue by Hurriyat with Centre could while keep such forces at a bay, and it will also help people make their voices heard and no one would be able to take undue advantage of this gap. Irrespective of the outcome of dialogue the Hurriyat leaders must talk to Centre which will at least set the process rolling which in turn will be in the larger interest of people of Kashmir.  Vakil was addressing a meeting of party workers held at Gandhi Nagar today.

 Vakil stressed upon the coalition government to fulfill commitments made with the people of Jammu and Kashmir State and strengthen all democratic institutions by decentralizing powers. When the elections of upper house stands completed, time has now come to translate words into actions and empower Panchayats by incorporating 73rd amendment and also holding elections to BDCs. The state had very recently sought special funds from Centre for giving honorarium to Panchayat members but in absence of democratic institutions like BDCs, all such efforts were redundant and meaningless. Such repetitive assurance and not fulfilling them jeopardizes the accountability of government


Besides others who addressed the gathering include Sr. Congress Leader Haji Ali Mohammad Bhat MLC, Jugal Kishore Sharma, Vipin Nischal, Farooq Ahmad Wangnoo and several others.