Volcano, I’m Still Excited!!

The self-titled debut album from this dancecore band is still, as of yet, an undiscovered jewel in the underground indie rock scene.

The album’s opening track, “Overture,” introduces a nineteen second world of cacophonic chaos which explodes into “2nd Gun,” a hip-shaking blast of melody.

The remaining fourteen tracks follow in a similar fashion, making it clear that this Texan and New York hybrid three piece isn’t afraid to experiment with fun.

One of the highlights is “New Brad”, a song which paints a picture of a distraught ex-lover regretting his actions, calling to mind images of John Cusack in “High Fidelity,” with lines such as “I’m breaking inside your window / Won’t you open like you promised? / I’ll turn into that guy / They told me this would happen when I broke up with you”.

Another charmer is the driven “Fisticuffs,” which is heavy on harmonics, double bass drum, and plenty of Casio organ.

The album follows a somewhat predictable pattern of pieces that utilize chord suspension and resolution to create a tension that all but falls apart, before scooping up the pieces and throwing them back in your face. This seemingly conventional method is juxtaposed by the interlocking tempo changes throughout the tracks and within the individual songs themselves. The beautifully spoken piano interludes contribute to this end, turning the standard into something much more capricious.

In the end, a complete listen gives the feeling that this is not so much an album as it is a continuous stream of a light conscious bliss. If I could sum this masterpiece up in three words, I would call it Pure Aural Jubilance. It is perhaps one of the most refreshing releases to come out of its genre in quite some time.

Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! leaves the listener with feelings of wonderment over all that has been crammed into a 40 minute and 5 second listening experience. More so, it instills an excitement that, true to the band’s name, lasts up until, and through, the next listen.

(Written Fall 2004)