Warts: Ways to Get Rid of Them Naturally, and Not so Naturally.

Warts can be painful, disfiguring, and difficult to get rid of.

The following information has been gathered and compiled through personal experience, while traveling, teaching classes that include T’ai Chi, Qi Gong, herbal information, martial arts and other health related subjects.  The article also contains feedback from students and anecdotal information from readers of my columns.  The following are my opinions and deductions from those sources.

If you’ve had your warts frozen, burned, bathed in acid, electrocuted, covered with lotions and creams, radiated and/or been told to howl at the moon when it’s full, all of which have failed to get rid of them, you might find these natural, and semi-natural, treatments beneficial.

One of the more common warts are Plantar’s warts.  What are plantar’s warts?  Plantar’s warts are the ones that grow on the planter surface of the feet.  They can be quite painful and can make it difficult to walk even short distances. 

I’ve used banana peels, the inner white portion, on other warts and have read accounts where others have success using the following methods on the Plantar’s variety.  After the banana has turned brown on the outer peel, turn it inside out and tape enough of the inner white portion to cover the desired area, to the wart.  Using this same procedure worked for me with warts on my elbow.  You have to change the peel daily and trim away the dead portion of the wart on a weekly basis.  The wart takes from a week to a few months to be completely gone.  The time necessary depends on the size of the wart, but usually requires a couple of weeks.

What do you do with the over ripe bananas?  You can make banana nut bread.  If you freeze the bananas first you don’t need to add sugar, which lowers your immune response, and warts are thought to be prevented, in part, by a strong immune system.  Frozen bananas make a delicious and healthful dessert.  Just put about ten pieces in a bowl with some nuts, and maybe a few blueberries, and your dessert is ready and there is no long list of chemical additives.  Play with the ingredients, just forget the sugar.

some people find that applications of vitamin A, E, castor oil, or cod liver oil will remove warts.  This seems to be somewhat hit and miss.  One of the ways that seems to be very successful is applying a drop of fresh milkweed sap directly on the wart, two or three times daily.  The sap can cause a slight burning or make the wart swell slightly.  I was told that one shouldn’t pick at or trim the wart or scab, and that the wart will fall off leaving a nice smooth surface.

A semi-natural remedy involves aspirin.  Very slightly moisten a regular aspirin and tape it to the wart.  It’s best to use a band-aid since you’ll need to keep the aspirin moist for three or four days.  After that time, remove the aspirin, and the wart will begin to turn a dark color in a few days and fall off.  The difficult part would appear to be keeping the aspirin moist, day an night for a few days.  It might be possible to put a small gauze pad and bandage over the band-aid.  A stretch bandage, like what’s used on ankles and knees, might make the whole process less time consuming and make the explaining easier.

I’ve been told by some that they’ve used duct  (duck) tape to get rid of warts.  You just put the tape over the wart, change it every two days and in a week the wart is said to fall off.  I haven’t tried it, and some of the people I talked to had varying timeframes.