Weight Loss and Green Drinks

Green Drinks And Whole Foods Can Change Your Life.

One known fact in all forms of illness is that fatty tissue is far more likely to harbor toxins, poisons, viruses and infections than lean muscle mass.  Permanent weight loss, while maintaining basic health, can be difficult., especially if our first responders and caregivers are busy with more important issues.  Taking responsibility at the personal level will lighten the load on those who we may need in crisis situations, and for true long-term benefits it’s necessary anyway.

I found the following by accident; it curbs my appetite while supplying vital enzymes, nutrients and fiber. Cooking destroys digestive enzymes that are essential for proper nutrient assimilation, which is critical to health plus reaching and maintaining your ideal weight.  You can buy enzymes to supplement your diet but the taste, texture and satisfaction of whole foods beats swallowing a pill.

We had an old dog and I hesitated to have her put to sleep as long as she wasn’t in pain and still had an enthusiasm for life.  She’d always had a crash and burn personality and paid for it later in life with arthritis and other problems, plus her eyes were cloudy, she was lethargic and getting grouchy.  I’d read about the BARF (bones and raw food) diet and that many animals made miraculous recoveries, so I decided to use her as an experiment of one.  It didn’t make any difference in the problems she had with her back legs but her eyes were clear, she had a lot more energy, she was much more playful even though she had trouble getting her back legs to go where her front legs had already been. 

A lot of our friends are on raw, whole food diets and it works for them.  I tried all raw foods and vegetarianism but neither was the answer for me.  By staying on the middle ground, mixing raw with cooked and vegetarian principles with meat, I’ve found a path that works well for me. 

I think our dog was born with her mouth open.  She had a burning desire to eat anything and everything.  As soon as my eyes popped open in the morning she was there, leaning on me, trying to give the impression that she hadn’t eaten for weeks.  Then, around 4:30 to 5:00 in the afternoon, no matter where I was if at home, she’d find me, follow me around, sit and stare longingly, and try to lead me to her bowl until I fed her.  With this being the norm, I usually fixed her a bones and raw food (BARF) breakfast first thing in the morning so I wouldn’t be tripping over her while trying to get the rest of my day going.  Usually, her breakfast consisted of a green drink (vegetables chopped up and run through the blender) and some raw meat, bones and all, run through the meat grinder.  I made enough green drink for both of us but refrained from the raw meat and ground up bones.  I fed the dog, did my exercise routine, then fixed the rest of my breakfast while finishing the green drink.

I’d tried different green drinks in the past and felt like I was grazing in the pasture, too much alfalfa and wheat grass for me.  Now, my green drinks usually consist of a couple of carrots, two stalks of celery, maybe part of a cucumber, cilantro, beet tops, kale, Oriental greens and whatever else is available from our garden or the store.  I blend it with pure water or tomato juice, adding a dash of liquid amino acid to give it a salty taste.  Since I like spices, I throw in some cayenne pepper, herbs or whatever healthful items suit my taste buds.  This combination contains most vitamins, minerals, including calcium and magnesium, and the amino acid EDTA which is considered one of the building blocks of life and regeneration.  You can buy all this in a bottle but I prefer to make my own.  

A couple of mornings I fed the dog, drank my portion of the green drink and got busy with the days chores, missing my “other” breakfast.  About noon I noticed I still wasn’t hungry, even though I’d missed my usual large morning meal.  I have a high energy level and burn off anything I eat quite quickly.  Usually, I get a headache about 10:00 AM if I haven’t eaten a large breakfast but if I have my green drink that never happens.  I tried doing the above procedure as an experiment and found it worked for me every time.  Not having anything to spare, I don’t feel comfortable doing that everyday.  But, it may work for you.
Weight loss is beneficial for a healthy heart, lowers the risk and effects of diabetes, slows the aging process by lightening the load on organs and internal parts, helps reduce free radicals, helps to enhance the immune system and can give you energy for fun things, whatever those may be for you.

Our path should lead us to foods that supply nutrients that boost our immune systems and our main focus should be a long, high quality, happy life.