Welcome back to Swat valley

Mingora, Swat: After the successful military operation in Swat valley of North Western Pakistan, against the Taliban militants by the Pakistan army, the valley has been cleared.


The displaced people (IDPs) from different parts of Swat valley have started moving back to their homes after living for some 3 months in the refugee camps of Jalozai (Cherat), Palosa (Charsadda), Shah Mansoor (Swabi) and Mardan.


The Pakistan army had started the operation against the Taliban extremists in the last week of April.


The IDPs are moving swiftly towards Barikot (Swat) in convoys, according to media reports.


Some 2433 families will move from Jalaozi refugee camp to Swat and some 1100 families will go back today from different camps.


On the other hand, ISPR spokesperson said the Taliban militants in Swat and other parts of tribal areas were funded by India and Pakistan army has gathered enough evidence.


The militants that were arrested or killed had Indian currency and they were carrying Indian made arms too.


The beautiful Swat valley had been a tourist point for the local and foreign tourism in past, in summers as well as winters for skiing and other adventure-related sports.


It had been the capital of Buddhism during the Gandahara period untill 5th century and it still retains the stupas and archeological sites.