What if Presidential Campaign Videos were Actually Fun to Watch?

 During the recent U.S. election, there have been eye-catching Presidential Candidate Campaign mash-ups and parodies which turn a mundane topic into something more enjoyable to watch for pleasure, for instance, Chris Rock – “Message for White Voters”. Though, most of these campaigning clips were to influence people to vote for certain presidential candidate, but never really focused on the presidential election promises.


Currently, in South Korea, Park Guen-hae (The Saenuri Party) Presidential Election Camp, in particular K-Move, has added new flavor to the Presidential Election Campaign by introducing ridiculously funny and unique campaigning videos regarding one of the Park’s campaign promises to resolve a part of unemployment issues through K-Move.


For example, one of YouTube videos titled, “A Leg Shaking Dude”, shows a young Korean man working as a wine stomping master in Chile, despite of his nagging habit of shaking his leg since his childhood, which prevented him from finding a job in Korea. This may sound ridiculous and silly, but it is beginning to grab people’s attention for the Park’s campaign promise. Just in 4 days it has over 123,000 viewers, and the number is still growing.


This new campaigning approach may start a new era of campaigning techniques to deliver political messages to those who may not be interested in political elections.


  To Find More About K-Move Visit:  www.kmove.org www.facebook.com/koreanmove www.youtube.com/koreanmove