Who is Bush in Bengal ?

Who   is    Bush   in Bengal   ?
Is Nandigram Gujarat   or Iraq? Bush attacked Iraq in the acquisition of keeping Atomic and biological weapons and Nandigram is sent to grave in the charge of storing land mine by Maoists extremists. Both the cases the persons pointed there faulty fingering their faulty finger; proved pathetically false. ‘’ We all know that history repeats itself, but did not know that history gets changed also. Once Naxalists wrote on every available wall, ‘The barrel of gun is the source of power’. Then communist Party of India [Marxist] used to write, ‘Public is the root of all power.’ After 37years C.P.M. has written a shameful history establishing, gun power is the best power. That is the irony of fate.. Nandigram was isolated from other part of West- Bengal for more than 11months. A parallel administration has been set up there by ‘Bhumi  Protirodh Committee.’ But how was it possible? Why it was made sensitive zone? The only answer is vote, — the election. The Government did not want to lose the another ‘five years’ guarantee in the safe custody of power and pleasure; in Writers Building. The constitutional machinery and responsibility of elected government were shunted to satisfy the minority community, are majority there. Nandigram and it’s adjoining villages of west Midnapur , refused C.P.M…After eleven and half months it is told that enemy were, either insignificant small farmer or landless land worker for whose interest; Left Front’ have come into then ‘Piggery, averted. Now the problem is this, the police and even the called C.R.P.F. did not find their way to which they might enter into Nandigram and other villages. to take control over the free zone of Trinomul ant C.P.M.. This child’s story may make the horse laugh. They needed three days time to curb the outward villagers who did not want to gather under the umbrella of C.P.M. The police of Government failed, no, better said they were made fail and the party supporters were paid the responsibility to take care of Nandigram. They only requested the party barons to take care of police and they did it. That was why, only the women blocked the rood of the C.R.P.F. and police were getting ready to arrive at the spot taking only three days. Only three days were enough for the trained murders. They proved themselves dependably trust-worthy. The ‘New Sun ‘appeared in the sky of Bengal according to chairman of c.p.m. party.
                                      That happened was some common-place farmers were murdered, looted of their all, fled from their ancestral’s house and the cases of rape were not infrequent. The poor can not be distinguished and classified in the scale of party membership. The poverty does know the ‘Trinomuli or C.P.M.. Similar is said about common people. They have not dropped from haven The poor change their position with change of party and government only to save their son-like land. So when they become adamant there must have some fear or anxiety that they fail to share with the ruling party .And then the outer flood water gets chance to enter into.
At last the supporters gave the finish touch of long-drawn episode with blood, tears, and gun short. The leaders became happy, the committed supporters became happy and the person who led the operation got satisfied after having accomplishing a good job. But it gave birth of many questions. The basic idea of party ideology to surround the city with villages are going to be materialised. Is this the maiden’s start of that? Have the political bosses made Nandigram an experiment ground of it? Why they were dashed down with root who should have attached with communist party — the so- called party of proletariat. They left them because faith is lost. A section of party supporters  in the most of villages  became exceptionally rich and hold omnipotent power who do not bother to think about poor farmers. The may be teachers, other office going persons or others who are intelligent or knave, think their own ends better. The party ends is their camouflage. A shield of hiding their ugly face. They have been feeding their leaders as well as Government with wrong food. A deep dark has covered the elite leaders of city who hardly find a political or social need to go to villages or set obligation to get proper feed- back. Naturally a new privileged class is brought forth in village who operate village politics according to their will and whims. A major section of farmers turned round to face the odd. This is the offence done by villagers.—————- None can doubt that a part of State should be allowed to go under any party or organisation whoever she or he may be, and whatsoever the issue or interest. It is alright till to the limit. The question of method of restoration of normalcy , is concern here. Why this situation was let gone unbridle for more than eleven years and why party men were deployed? What did the policy maker want to suppress? Did they not let the police take the control of Nandigram and prevented medias men from entering into Nandigram, because the Government wanted to keep the world aloof from heinous job out of guilty feelings? They were determined to commit vindictive action — did the Government intend to tear the daring tongue that dared protest? They say peace is prevailing all over the villages of West-Bengal. It is the peace that one can see and feel in burning-ghat. This peace is nominated in return of keeping protested tongue bondage to Communist party leaders and supporters. Where protest against any unjust is raised , the elite bosses of villages set the fire of unrest to keep the disobedient under the pride foot lofuly. The village  
   .            party power pronounces unchallenged obedience. Incomparable decision. Has aroused the Governor and all the citizens of the State. An united public figure has emerged out of thirty years of suffocating darkness. The intellectuals, artists, actors, actress players and common working class along with all from of strata of the country are raising their strong antipathy against this inhuman rape of mankind. It is pleasurefull and hopeful that remaining absorb in their affluence world , they are ever alerted about their contemporary political trends and incidents happen surrounding their country ,have cut them quick, that was a blue moon even ten years ago.    The advantage of enjoying unchallenged political power and privilege for over the three decades makes a certain vanityfull overconfidence, ‘We’re men from headquarters, only we will say, others here.’ This Hitleric master-mind teaches to undervalue human –force. At this point, greens and reds are equal. C.P.M. wants to gather power and strength in villages, at any cost, and any how, even if , human blood is concerned . Tooth and nail will come out from every one announced or unannounced, whatsoever sensitive, cultural, and educated or Stalinist, he or they may. Most of power- mongers are superficially unique and fine.