The Mahatma legacy to India and the world was the most admired humanity but now India faces a critical popular scrutiny for its rudderless drift following the erosion of Mahatma’s core dharmic values? The drift is unhealthy; the result of the Sonia ‘family’ compulsions overriding all others in Indian policy making including India’s own security.
The Indian public who gradually became accustomed to Rajiv/Sonia mafia values; that were minus Mahatma’s dharmic values are now awakening to a malignant malady that is causing monstrous and damaging harm to all Indians. The Sonia clique that has a stranglehold of Mahatma’s Congress is perpetuating its family interests by clinging on to the venerated Mahatma’s dharmic lineage garb. As Indians grow politically more mature the Sonia clique is reeling under scathing and broad based criticisms of the regime’s adharmic record; notably its scams (coal block and others), its audacious and haughty response to legitimate criticism of corruption and the fierce and menacing attack on the IAC (India against Corruption) critics further confirming its adharmic character to Indians who are in their hearts devoted to Mahatma’s dharmic values. The pretenders are the Sonia class politicians who continue to sell alien (mafia) dharmic values under the deceptive label ‘secularism’ whose underpinnings are essentially Mafia values. 
The most conspicuous drift from Indian dharma is Sonia clique regime’s indifference to the sufferings of the common man ‘aam aadmi’ (Rahul’s revived popular slogan). To the aam aadmi, inflation and price rises are the most painful and this was compounded by the outrageous scams involving the plunder of public assets and income streams that channelled honestly for economic development would have alleviated the sufferings of the aam aadmi. Rampant scams have plundered and stashed away in the overseas banks, in the pockets of Sonia allied politicians, big businesses and the new rich. Though the names of the black money culprits including those with monies parked overseas is available to the regime the Sonia clique would not reveal them; it piously observes its undertaking to foreign banks on their secrecy. The black money that in the first place was criminally accumulated and criminally kept overseas does not deserve the protection of the secrecy logic. How this regime gets away with this ‘secrecy’ explanation and the gullible Indian public accepts them remains a puzzle? The public plunder scams have reached such sinful proportions that the Sonia clique is reacting in strange ways fearing public anger spilling over into massive street protests around India.
To counter act the tide of public anger Sonia acted out a white wash reshuffle of the cabinet, with noted ex-scammers getting back into powerful positions, others given secluded positions but all of them proclaiming loudly their commitment to a new version ‘aam aadmi’ policies. The benefit of these policies according to these pretenders requires economic development/reforms to reach the common man though this claim ironically acknowledges that the regime failed to deliver on the ‘aam aadmi’ agenda sufficiently in the past 6+ years in power that the ‘aam aadmi’ missed the benefits. Will the mechanical recital of this slogan by the same bunch of plunderers deliver anything better? Ironically the apologists Rahul and Sonia of the clique projected as the public faces of a reformed (Sonia) Congress promise again that they ’… will pick up the threads where …the father, Rajiv Gandhi, left when slain…more than two decades ago..’. and pushed this line hard in the UP elections to fail miserably, the UP voters were not as gullible to trust the plunderers any more. Will not Indians countrywide emulate the UP voters?
‘Sonia/Rahul’ recalling Rajiv’s development legacy reminds the public of his image as the ‘father of scams’, Yet despite the Bofors, IPKF/SL mercenary and many more forgotten plunders;  it is the energy and industry of the Indians both within in India and overseas that delivered the modest growth that India achieved in the past three decades. Cruelly the Sonia Congress omits to mention the contribution of Narasimha Rao and others including the BJP stalwarts who worked hard to dismantle Congress’ corrupt  ‘license raj’ that throttled development under Congress rule. The attitude of the Sonia clique to persist arguing for not acting against anti-development scams expends efforts to go after anti-corruption activists even those in the opposition in the most adharmic style. Such an attitude is born out of a false confidence that the regime will be able to ride out public anger protests especially when Shinde a senior minister boasts that Indians readily forget scams; they will ‘.. forget the coal blocks as they did forget Bofors’. Will voters continue to remain passive when the scams under the Sonia regime have grown to unimaginable proportions and the so-called measures to fight the scam culture are mere pretences and smacks of tokenism? Are not Indians obliged to end this culture and remove its patrons from positions of power as soon as possible?
In early November, when the ’coal block’ scam involving the plunder of huge amounts of public wealth stirred pubic anger and hit the streets the Sonia clique decided to neutralise (not in Mahatma’s dharmic tradition) the anti-corruption crusaders (IAC included) unleashing all the state power arsenal it had, CBI, RAW and instruments including other (tax) offices to pursue the critics and the opposition. Except for Natin of the BJP there weren’t that many scammers outside the Sonia clique. Even Natin’s brush with the law was not that much more grave than those committed in the Sonia family Vadra/DFL scam the pursuit of which by the state agencies like the tax and corporate law offices become a study in the partisan misuse of the instruments of the state by the Sonia clique. In true Bofors style the scam culture is bound to flourish in India uncontrolled.
The abuses by Sonia clique officials and politicians nurtured a corrupt culture also allowed other more heinous crimes to be committed. The Sonia clique used (the South Block agents in) NSA, MEA, Indian embassies in key countries to partner in the SL genocide that caused immense human sufferings (massacres of over 40 000 civilians in Mullivaykkal, oppression, dispossession and displacements of hundreds of thousands of SL Tamils, and above all publicly obstruct the course of international justice (accountability for these crimes) all driven by Sonia family compulsions.  The cruel genocide is taking more gruesome character under the continuing dreaded military occupation that the Sonia clique patronises.
Amongst the catalogue of the Sonia clique’s misdeeds the most outrageous is the Sonia clique’s arbitrary mis-use of state resources. Numerous instances of interferences to delay or accelerate with the pace of investigation by the CBI are widely known. Sonia was keen to kill off Pranab’s Prime Ministerial ambitions by ensuring a successful vote for Pranab as President of India. The Sonia regime wasted most time on this project and froze all work on development/economic reforms to benefit the aam aadmi. The energy expended was to clear the way for her son Rahul to become PM; Any relevance of the Sonia clique’s actions to the Aam Aadmi slogan!
Many of the abuses of the close knit South Block loyalists received adverse comments in a recent UN report (internal) revealing how Sonia agents acted in the mandated UN offices to fail a minority suffering genocide. For this the Sonia clique agents colluded with powerful officials in the UN. The Indian voters have now to decide whether these crimes have dharmic or shameful mafia characteristics.
Mukerjee, Chidambaram, NSA Narayanan also of the Sonia clique and those holding official positions of trust acted more to further Sonia’s ‘family compulsions’; especially seek revenge for Rajiv’s killing 18 years late on Prabhaharan, and tens of thousands innocent civilian Tamils massacred in Mullivaykkal. Such revenge is crude and alien under dharma and illicit when state instrumentalities are used to coerce those unwillingly into observing stilled silence over these injustices. Even by Mafia/Italian standards misuse of state power to secure personal revenge of this magnitude is heinous. Contrast this to the conduct of General Harikirat. According to General Harikirat he refused to obey Rajiv’s adharmic order that the General kill off the LTTE leader the General’s invitee. To General Harikirat, a dharmic Delhi official, the Rajiv’s order to kill was adharmic enough that an upright Harikirat simply had to refuse to comply.
Even before the vote for Pranab as President the DMK succumbed to the Sonia blackmail when she used Pranab to visit Chennai to blackmail the TN CM into observing silence and inaction over the adharmic massacres in SL in which NSA Narayanan (a Sonia agent) was known to have had a role. The feelings of Tamil aam aadmi were hurt over Sonia’s secular act of revenge on a community for killing her husband. Is it dharmic to extend the revenge innocent civilians not involved in Rajiv’s killing?
Sonia clique went further and authorised Pranab to blackmail (a common mafia weapon) the TN CM Karunanthi to comply with Sonia’s support for Rajapakses genocide on the Tamils or else use the CBI weapon over the 2G scam against Raja and Kanimozhi the TN’s CM’s daughter. Karunanithi at that critical point could have acted and brought down the regime of the Sonia clique and prevented the massacres. But Karunanithi was not as dharmic as general Harikirt to resist Sonia/Pranab’s pressure. The TN CM wanted his office, save Raja and Kanimozhi from the state crimes that the CBI was about to investigate. The Sonia clique pursuing her family compulsions used powerful state instruments with impunity, the CBI in the 2G scam case against DMK a loyal ally; a story that Indians would not like to be part of Indian history. There is no trace of Mahatma (moral) compulsions in Sonia clique’s actions but clearly there was her secular materialistic mafia dharma of revenge, to remain in office.   
What was an adharmic to Harikirat it was a virtuous, valorous act for NSA Narayanan a Sonia clique loyalist who executed Sonia’s passion with enthusiasm and cunning. NSA Narayanan according to Gothabhya Rajapakse was a ‘in the loop’ member planning the last phase of the war on the Tamils committing heinous massacres. The timing was to ensure that the electoral chances of Sonia and her clique in May 2009 were not jeopardised.  Any aam aadmi benefits? Narayanan’s sins go beyond. Narayanan diluted RAW aerial surveillance in the most security sensitive Bombay region to assist the Rajapakses. Result a major disaster for India’s image allowing terrorists from Pakistan to sneak in and attack in the heart of Bombay. This was a great intelligence failure but Sonia loyalist NSA Narayanan was not punished; instead was rewarded with Governorship of West Bengal.
Furthermore when the Rajapakses’ announced NSA Narayanan’s ‘no fire zone’ it was a cunning death trap. The ‘no fire zone’ was Narayanan’s blatant adharmic untruth to entrap thousands of Tamils for massacre. Trusting Narayanan’s ‘no fire zone’ untruth over 300 000 civilians rushed into the trap to face certain death/massacre. Narayanan directly reported to Sonia during these crucial days. The inhuman silence of Sonia and PM Singh had their reasons; seal the fate of the 300 000 entrapped in Narayanan’s ‘no fire zone’, it was the loud and clear moral voice of a horrified international community that pressured the Rajapakses to stop the massacre at 40 000. An elated Sonia clique had its MEA to vote to congratulate the Rajapakses for the massacres in UNHRC a body mandated to eliminate the evil of savage massacre culture flourishing worldwide. The recent UN internal report lists non-believers hogging the UN (this included Sonia clique agents) and defaming this august body. Will the Gita and or any other Vedic mantras serve as the purgatory for the Sonia clique especially NSA Narayanan?
To this day the Sonia clique has not used the word ‘genocide’ to describe SL crimes against innocent Tamils but it was the international outcry that brought SL crimes before the UNHRC the mandated world body to deter the genocide culture from thriving and harming humanity. To PM Singh and the Sonia clique their continued silence on the SL genocide effectively urges the Rajapakses that the lives of the remaining Tamils in SL be expeditiously dealt with for TN to be safe from the Tamil peril by putting an end to the political dreams of Tamils for a ‘greater Tamilnadu’ in India’s South (a Narayanan’s invention). Effectively the Sonia clique Narayanan encouraged SL to  allow the setting up listening posts courtesy China the Asian super power as a lesser security threat than an assertive TN for India. How very patriotic was this act that Sonia rewarded Narayanan with the governorship of Punjab. This is Sonia cliques’ mafia/secular dharma in action; treating non Congress states as potential security threats. 
The Sonia clique’s sins also cover damage to India’s unity as well. ‘TN is being driven the Eelam way’ argues that the Sonia clique policies encourage divisiveness within the Indian Union. The aami aadmi in TN Tamils are most hurt over the support of the Sonia clique for Rajapkses. Sonia clique’s inaction and stilled silence over the crimes of the SL navy on the TN fishermen amounts to treating communities in non-Congress states as aliens or second class Indians. The TN Tamils are also deeply hurt by the Sonia clique for turning a blind eye to SL bringing the China threat to its shores. All these hurt most the feelings of the aami aadmi living in the South.
To a poser by an analyst ‘Will the Indians at large condone these sins of the Sonia clique continuing ..? Or follow UP’s example and wish Sonia family ‘good bye’ for good.’ the answer is given in an intuitive analysis ‘Out of the family way: If India has to move forward, the voting public must wean itself off the Gandhi dynasty’ by Chetan Bhagat Dec 1, 2012, Times of India. This headline carries a number of candid observations.
‘The headline-grabbing scams afflicting the Congress’ compels the Indians to look up to BJP an alternative, though it also has its problems (infighting, .but too many talented people ….). These are not as harmful to India’s interest as the Congress’ record. The BJP is the only non-dynasty, non-Gandhi alternative for India (ns)..ready to wean.. off the Gandhi family. (and)..we have..a democracy …where deep inside technically anyone can reach the top …..associating instability with a non-dynasty party..treating the Gandhi family as India’s default safety option..’ is a myth. The Sonia clique Congress has created the conditions to question whether the Gandhi family is really the only safe option for all times for Indians.
India has progressed that the Sonia Congress has passed its use by date. It is not.. democratic ‘..has no clear policy on how the top leadership will be chosen. The top..will be from the (few in the) Gandhi family..the next layer is..people most liked by the Gandhi family..meritocracy is?. The BJP is (different ..members express views respective of hierarchy, its)..policies and procedures are more objective and transparent.
The Challenge for Indians today is as Chetan Bagat puts it; ‘Weaning ourselves off the Gandhi family may be difficult, but it is ultimately necessary. It may lead to some short-term instability. But ultimately, things will get better. This positive attitude towards change is what will drive voters towards parties like the BJP and away from dynasties..’ BJP is bound to evolve as the alternative that a progressive India needs.’